Pernod Post-Absinthe Antique Carafe

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This glass carafe dates back to just after absinthe was banned in France. After this banning in 1915, the popularity of pastis (an alcoholic drink (made without wormwood) that is prepared and tastes simular to absinthe) began to gain fame in place of absinthe. This Pernod carafe was made back in the early days of pastis' history. Because of its recognizable name, Pernod In time, became synonymous with pastis.

Dripping water by a carafe was the most utilized method of adding water to the absinthe. The correct technique is to continuously drip the iced water as slowly as possible until the sugar has completely dissolved from the spoon and fallen into the glass of absinthe.

  • Stands 9.5" tall.
  • Dates between 1915 - 1935.
  • Pressed glass.
  • Imported from France.