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Verse-Eau 4 Leg Absinthe Brouilleur Set for One

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Product Description

This Verse-Eau 4 Leg Brouilleur Absinthe Set is intended to bring you everything needed to drink a traditional French/Swiss absinthe, all in one purchase. The set includes all of the items pictured above. We’ve carefully selected these items from our most popular accessories to represent an absinthe setup that you’ll be proud to use and display.

While the set doesn’t include absinthe, you can easily add one by clicking the drop-down menu located to the right of the photo. Note that the set price will change based on the price of the absinthe you add.

Brouilleur – Single Service Dripper

This brouilleur (“to mix” in French) is a device used to add water and sugar to your absinthe. The dripper is positioned on top of the glass; ice water is poured into the dripper and a cube of sugar is placed on the round perforated tray below. As water passes from a small hole at the bottom of the brouilleur, it falls onto the sugar, slowly dissolving it and allowing the sugar water to drip into the glass of absinthe below.

The wire legs can be carefully bent to accommodate a variety size of glasses.


Carafes were the most common way to add water to absinthe before the 1915 French ban. At that time, two things were regularly found on bistro tables—a carafe and a match strike. As most people at the time smoked (pipes or cigars), match strikes held matches, and carafes were used to hold and serve water. Both items typically featured some form of advertising.

In preparing a traditional absinthe, the proper technique is to slowly drip water onto the sugar cube until the sugar has completely dissolved. During this process, it is common to add a little water then pause and allow the sugar to absorb the water, and then repeat until you reach your desired amount of sugar. It is during this process that oils within the absinthe are released and begin to perfume the air. This Loop Carafe actually magnifies the advertising text when water is added, much like a magnifying glass. The colder the water, the better.


The absinthe glass is a reproduction of the famous Pontarlier Absinthe Glass featured in the Pernod & Fils advertisement which included the hometown newspaper from Pontarlier, France. The glass got its name from the newspaper in the ad. This glass is our most popular absinthe glass.

Wrapped Sugar Cubes

All of the ornate devices that are part of the absinthe ritual were intended for one purpose only -- to add sugar water to absinthe. Our European made sugar cubes are the same found in cafés and bistros throughout Europe. Each packet contains 2 medium-fine, European-sized white sugar cubes. Our wrapped sugar cubes are the perfect way to sweeten your absinthe.

Set includes:
(Your selected Absinthe, if chosen)
Brouilleur (4 Leg Verse-Eau)
Measures approximately 6.3" (16 cm) tall.
Mouth measures approximately 3.5" (8.8 cm) in diameter.
Holds approximately 12 oz (.35 L).
Stainless steel.
Wire legs can be carefully bent to accommodate a variety of glasses.
SKU 1230
Loop Absinthe Carafe
Measures approximately 9" (22.86 cm) tall.
Base measures approximately 4.25" (10.8 cm) in diameter.
Holds approximately 25 fl oz (.73 L).
Hand wash only.
Mouth-Blown, clear glass.
SKU 1905
Pontarlier Absinthe Glass
Glasses are mouth blown
Measures 7.5" tall x 3.25" base diameter
Reservoir measures approx. 1.35 oz. (40 ml.)
Holds 10 oz. (30 cl.)
SKU 1400
Package includes 20 packets (40 sugar cubes)
Each packet contains two European size sugar cubes
Packets measure 1.25" long x 5/8" wide x 3/8" high
Imported from Europe
SKU 1626

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  1. Teeter Tottering to Bliss 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 16th 2018

    I love this product and my customer support experience with this company was phenomenal. I look forward to purchasing a larger unit so that friends and family might also enjoy an evening drip, but for now it’s all about me. Great product, great service, great overall experience.