Brian Robinson's Bio

We are happy to welcome Brian Robinson to our Maison Absinthe family as our new absinthe Review Editor. Brian is well respected throughout the absinthe and cocktail communities, not only for his reviews, but for his vast knowledge about liquor and cocktails in general.

Brian has been the Review Editor and Media Liaison for the Wormwood Society since 2006, having reviewed over 300 absinthe's to date. He's been featured in dozens of articles and television interviews regarding absinthe and its history.

In 2009, he won the Hotel Monteleone cocktail contest; a competition to create a signature cocktail for the world famous Carousel Bar located inside the New Orleans hotel. He also serves as the Spirits Archaeologist for the Vintage Spirits Library housed in the Columbia Room DC, which was named the Best Bar in the United States in 2017.

Brian lives in the suburbs of Washington DC with his wife and sons, where he runs an award winning financial planning firm. He loves to cook, craft cocktails, write, draw, read, and play the occasional match of rugby.