500 Wrapped Absinthe Sugar Cubes (250 Packets)

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These European made wrapped sugar cubes are used in cafes and bistros throughout Europe. Because of the high-content of alcohol in absinthe, sugar will not dissolve easily in the liquor without first being diluted with water.

In preparing a tradional French or Swiss absinthe, water is slowly dripped from a carafe or an absinthe fountain onto a sugar cube which allows the sugary water to fall into the glass and mix with the absinthe. Sugar is added to cut the bitterness of the Grande Wormwood (artemisia Absinthium) and other herbs used in the making of absinthe. It was highly frowned upon to drink absinthe without sugar during the pre-ban era (before 1915). Our pressed cubed sugar is the perfect way to sweeten your absinthe.

  • Includes 500 wrapped sugar cubes (250 packets).
  • Each packet contains 2 European sized sugar cubes.
  • Packet measures 1.25" long x 5/8" wide x 3/8" high.
  • White, medium fine beet sugar.
  • White text on green wrapper.
  • Made in Europe.