Absinthe Ducros Postcard

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This postcard is a reproduction of a classic absinthe advertising poster once popular over 100 years ago. The original posters were typically quite large and colorful. This image features an advertisement for Ducros Fils (Ducros Sons in English) absinthe, designed by the famous Italian born artist Leonetto Cappiello. Cappiello is considered by many as the 'father of modern advertising' because of his innovation in poster design. He was the first to use bold figures appearing to be coming out of the artwork.

The back of the postcard has an ample amount of space for a written message on the left, while the right side features preset lines for the recipient's name and address.

  • Postcard measures 5.5" x 8.5".
  • Printed on heavy card stock.
  • Printed in the United States.