Antique Absinthe Fountain, Pineapple Style 43303

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This is an authentic, antique absinthe fountain from the late 19th century. The fountain features the classic "club" turning spigots, facet (panel) cut glass bowl and the "pineapple" ornament on the lid (a symbol of hospitality). The fountain has the original asbestos water filter inside the bottom of the globe. At one time this would have been removable to clean. The glass globe is mouth blown and the fountain is handmade. Fountain has four metal faucets, accommodating four glasses at the same time. All spouts are attached firmly to the base and in complete original condition. One of the four spigots turns easily. Only a small amount of pressure was put on the remaining three to turn. The ornament was aparently broken off of the lid and was soldered back into place (see photo). The mouth-blown glass globe is in excellent condition and the bottom half is facet cut. There are no cracks or chips in the glass globe. No restoration is needed.

Since its arrival into the United States, nothing in or on the fountain has changed or been altered.

Absinthe fountains were most often used in high-end bars because of their expensive price tag. The fountain was brought to the customer's table, where the customer would prepare the absinthe themself. Unfortunately due to accidents, very few antique fountains have survived intact with its original glass bowl. Absinthe fountains were (and still are today) the preferred way to prepare absinthe, as one can control the rate of water to their liking.

This is an extremely rare example of absinthe history and should be considered show piece. It is not advisable for use.

  • Circa 1880 - 1910.
  • Fountain measures approx. 20" (51 cm) tall.
  • Approximately 8.75" (22 cm) under spouts for glasses.
  • Glass globe is mouthblown and is original to the fountain.
  • Imported from France.