Antique J. Francois Pernot Absinthe Bottle #8

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This is an original J. Francois Pernot absinthe bottle from the turn of the last century. It was originally a 65 degree alcohol absinthe.

Pernot was an absinthe made in Fougerolles, which is situated in the department of Haute-Saone in the Franche-Comte (east) region of France. The region was one of the best known in the day for making absinthe.

One current notable absinthe distiller in Fougerolles today is Lemercier Freres. Fougerolles absinthes are known for being of high quality.

Bottle has not been cleaned and is basically in the same shape as it was originally found.

* Please note that bottle is empty.

  • Circa 1870 - 1915.
  • Original label and foil.
  • Mouthblown glass.
  • Stands 12.25" (31cm) tall.
  • Imported from France.