Antique Absinthe Spoons: A Guide To Buying Online

Antique Absinthe Spoons: A Guide To Buying Online

Mar 31st 2018

Reproductions of French Originals

Whether you are an avid absinthe drinker or are new to the absinthe experience, our exquisite selection of antique absinthe spoons are easy to appreciate. We pride ourselves in providing a diverse selection of absinthes and absinthe accoutrements. Our spoons are made of either high-quality chrome brass or stainless steel because we are dedicated to providing the best. If you are interested in learning more about absinthe spoons and how they are used, you have come to the right place. Make Maison Absinthe your home for all things absinthe.

Top Seller of Absinthe Accoutrements

Did you know that Maison Absinthe is the leading website in the United States for absinthe and absinthe accoutrements? Not only do we offer the largest online selection of French, Swiss, and U.S. absinthes nationwide, but we also offer accoutrements to pair with your absinthe. An accoutrement includes absinthe accessories such as glasses, fountains, spoons, carafes, saucers, and more. If you are interested in learning more about the history of absinthe, our website is a great resource. Visit our History of Absinthe page or jump right in and start shopping for absinthe spoons!

Of course, Maison Absinthe sells both reproductions of antiques as well as actual absinthe antiques. If you're looking for legitimate, pre-ban, antique absinthe spoons, we've got you covered.

So, What Exactly Are Absinthe Spoons Used For?

Depending on the spoon, there are specific uses and accoutrements that are paired with it. For example, we have one spoon called the Playing Cards Absinthe spoon, which the oldest of all absinthe spoon designs. The card like design on the grill of the spoon is used to hold the sugar cube while preparing a traditional French or Swiss absinthe. Our Stars Absinthe Spoon features 8 large stars and 14 small holes in the rectangular grill. The stars allow the sugar water to drop more easily in the absinthe glass. As you can see, we aim to provide products that combine beauty and utility. To get specific details about the use of the different spoons, visit our Spoons page, select a spoon and read away! Our website is designed to be a resource for you so that you can explore absinthe. Of course, if you would like to speak with someone about our collection, or have questions about absinthe in general, we are always in high spirits to talk!

Our Dedication to High Quality

Our specialty spoons cater to a variety of tastes and styles. From edgy designs to detailed craftsmanship, we have a diverse selection of spoons that suits everyone. We even have a gold-plated spoon! If you are torn between two spoons (which is to be expected with our selection), we have a feature that allows you to compare prices, brands, ratings and more. Some qualities that we love about our spoons are that they are made of beautiful materials, will not typically tarnish, and are mostly dishwasher safe. Each one is designed to optimize your absinthe experience. To see all the options, visit our Spoons page.

Contact Maison Absinthe

Whether you have a question about absinthe spoons, how to prepare absinthe, or absinthe in general, we would love to talk! Our FAQs page also provides a great resource for common questions that we get about the absinthe experience. If you are interested in purchasing an absinthe spoon and have questions about the purchasing or shipping process, visit our Shipping & Delivery page to get more information. And of course, never hesitate to call us at 225-612-5533 or contact us here.