2-Piece Dose Brouilleur - Single Server Dripper

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This brouilleur is used to prepare an absinthe in the reverse order of the way the drink is usually prepared. It is designed to add absinthe to water, rather than water to absinthe, as is normally the case. The capacity of the reservoir is exactly a standard absinthe dose, and the spike introduces the lighter alcohol directly to the bottom of the glass, where it floats up and diffuses through the heavier water. The flat metal disk holds the spike and traps the aromas of the louching absinthe in the glass, until the absinthe is ready for drinking.

The ice water is first poured into the glass, then the Pourer is sat on top of your glass. Absinthe is pour into the 30 ml reservoir and because of gravity, it begins to drain down through the tube into the glass of water. Because water is heavier than absinthe, the absinthe is pushed up towards the top of the glass, mixing the two liquids together and creating the louche.

This pourer is an exact reproduction of a pre-ban (before 1915) brouilleur used during France's Belle-Époque.

Glass in photo not included.

  • Silver-plated.
  • The set includes both pieces.
  • Plate measures approx. 4.25" (11 cm) in diameter.
  • Cup measures approx. 1.6" (4 cm) in diameter by 1.125" (3 cm) deep.
  • Stem measures approx. 2" (5.2 cm) in length.
  • Will fit a glass mouth size of 4" (10.3 cm) or smaller.
  • Imported.