Antique Edouard Pernod Absinthe Bottle Neck Label

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This is an authentic antique absinthe neck label from the Belle Époque, originally intended to be applied to the neck of a 68 degree (136 proof) Edouard Pernod absinthe bottle. The label is in new condition, meaning it was never been used (applied to a bottle) and was made before 1915, when absinthe was banned in France.

This is an original label from the Edouard Pernod distillery located in Couvet, Switzerland. This label was originally afixed to the neck of a 68 degree Edouard Pernod absinthe bottle.

  • Circa pre 1915.
  • Original and unused.
  • Pre 1915.Original and unused.Measures 1.5" x .8".

  • From the Edouard Pernod distillery in Couvet, Switzerland.