La Belle Orléans Absinthe Fountain with 4 Spouts, Complete Set

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Our absinthe sets highlight some of our most popular items, and at a heavily discounted price. Set includes everything shown, which consists of all the items needed to properly prepare a traditional French/Swiss absinthe, as it was made over a hundred years ago.

This La Belle Orléans Fountain set includes; a collection of our best selling absinthe spoons, hand-painted absinthe saucers (coasters), a package of 40 sugar cubes (20 packets), and your choice from our most popular absinthe glasses.

This set includes :

    1. La Belle Orléans Fountain, 4 Spouts - This fountain is an Art Deco variation of a reproduction vintage late 19th century, Belle Epoque absinthe fountain. The lid is removable to add water and ice to the glass globe, which includes a water filter. The glass globe is mouth blown and the fountain is completely handmade. Each spout can be turned to add the smallest of drips of water to a gentle stream.

    2. Absinthe Glasses - Please choose your set of from drop-down menu from above.
      Available choices:
      • Choice #1 - Coupe Absinthe Glasses (set of 4). Mouth-blown. (Default)
      • Choice #2 - Pontarlier Traditionnel Absinthe Glasses, Uncut (set of 4). Thick, mouth-blown.
      • Choice #3 - Torsadé Absinthe Glasses (set of 4). Machine made.

    3. Absinthe Spoons - This set includes four most popular absinthe spoons. Stainless steel.
      Includes one of each of the following:
      • Wormwood Absinthe Spoon
      • Eiffel Tower Absinthe Spoon
      • Toulouse Lautrec Absinthe Spoon
      • Fleur de Lys Absinthe Spoon

    4. Porcelain Bistro Saucers (coasters) - Each saucer features a hand-painted accents/lines.
      Includes the following:
      • 35Cts, Black/Silver, with Lines
      • 75Cts, Red/Silver, with Lines
      • 1f25, Green/Silver, with Lines
      • 3f, Blue/Silver, with Lines
    5. Wrapped Sugar Cubes - This package of European made sugar contains 40 cubes (20 packets).

    6. A brief history of absinthe, FAQ's and step-by-step instructions how to prepare a traditional French/Swiss absinthe.