La Cascade, Verte, 375ML

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La Cascade Absinthe Verte (140 proof / 70% ABV) is an American absinthe distilled in Honeoye Falls, New York. Founded in 2013, Honeoye Falls Distillery now produces true-to-form absinthe for those looking for authenticity. Their neutral spirit base Verte is colored using mint, hyssop, petite wormwood and lemon balm. The flavor is sweet anise and fennel giving way to a slight wormwood bitterness that is ideal for preparing a traditional French/Swiss absinthe. With its herbal and balanced flavor profile, La Cascade Verte is a traditionally distilled absinthe cooked in copper pot stills.

Honeoye Falls is a small picturesque town located near Rochester, NY, and was the ideal location for a New York State Farm Distillery. Their herbs used in the distillation process are grown and purchased locally in the region. The name La Cascade Verte translates from French to “the green waterfall” in English.

In 2017, La Cascade Verte was the Silver Medal winner at the American Distilling Institute competition in Denver, Colorado.