Pernod Fils Antique Carafe #1

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This glass carafe was made by Pernod Fils and used to prepare a pastis. The piece dates back to the early part of the last century, After the French absinthe ban in 1915, any distilleries looked for other ways to continue producing spirits. Besides turning to other distilled liquors, they found the taste of absinthe had not waned and turned to another anise based drink typically found in the south of France, called pastis. Pastis is a liquor, meaning sugar has been added. Having already been sweetened, additional sugar is not necessary, yet sometimes still preferred. Typically only water is added using a carafe, with the amount dependent upon ones own liking.

  • Stands 9.75" tall.
  • Dates between 1927 - 1928, according to "Pernod 200 Ans d'Enterprise.".
  • Machine blown pressed glass.
  • Imported from France.