Replacement Globe, 4 or 6 Spout Fountain

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This fountain globe is a replacement for either the #2 Absinthe Fountain or the Lady Absinthe Fountain with 4 or 6 spouts. The glass bowl is mouth blown and remaining parts are metallic plating over brass.

We cannot guarantee that the globe will fit your fountain. If the globe does not fit, upon returning the globe, we will be happy to refund you the price of the globe. Please note that purchasing the globe you are doing so at your own risk that it may not fit. If you would prefer, you can send your fountain to us and we will do our best to find a globe that will fit. Please contact us for details.


The strainer (the piece screwed into the inside bottom of the globe) and gasket are NOT included in this purchase. You will need to remove and keep the strainer and gasket, which were originally supplied with your fountain. The strainers in antique fountains originally used an asbestos filter which was used to catch impurities in the water. The gasket is used to create a seal between the globe and the spout assembly. These pieces will need to be used with your replacement globe and are NOT included with the purchase of the globe.

  • Measures 6.875" (17.4 cm) in tall.
  • Measures approximately 5.875" (14.9 cm) in diameter.
  • Mouth-Blown, clear glass.
  • Handmade facet cuts and etching.
  • Glass bowl holds approx. 9 cups (2.1 liters) of water.
  • Imported.
Instructions for Fountain Use:

Proper use consists of: pouring a dose of absinthe (typically an ounce) into an absinthe glass, placing an absinthe spoon across its rim, and adding a sugar cube(s) atop the spoon. The amount of sugar used is subject to one's preference. Situate the glass, so the sugar is located directly underneath a spout. Remove the fountain's lid to add fresh water and ice into the glass globe. Always add room temperature water first to the fountain before slowly adding ice. Using room temperature water is essential, as adding icy water or ice first can cause thermal shock, which could crack the glass. Replace the lid. With a slight turn of the spigot key, the cold water will begin to slowly drip onto the sugar cube below and into the glass of absinthe. To fully open the spigot, turn the spigot key parallel to the fountain arm, allowing the water to flow, creating a gentle stream. The water mixing with the herbs in the absinthe releases various oils and begins to perfume the air with the smell of fennel and anise. The combination will turn milky white as the water reacts with the anise. Add water and sugar to your taste. Stir, and drink.

The amount of water and sugar is subject to your liking. You can compare this process to preparing a coffee. Some people like their coffee sweeter or with more milk than others. You make your absinthe to your preference. Absinthe-to-water ratios vary depending on the absinthe, the amount of absinthe used, and your taste preference. A general rule of thumb is 1 part absinthe, to between 3 to 5 parts water.

After use, allow the water and glass globe to adjust to room temperature. For cleanup: pour any remaining water out, remembering to open all spouts where water will remain. Place the fountain upside down onto a bar towel, allow it to dry overnight. If only water is used, there is no further cleaning necessary. Refresh water before each use.

Our fountains have been tested with water before leaving the factory and again inspected in our warehouses before shipping. Upon receiving your fountain, we suggest hand washing the globe with soap and room temperature water and running water through the spouts before using. Do not use hot water. Do not wash in the dishwasher. California Prop 65 compliant when properly used.

Please do not hesitate to write or call if you have any questions.