Rooster Finial for Absinthe Fountains

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This rooster finial is a reproduction of vintage 19th century piece originally made famous for its use on top of absinthe fountains used to promote Absinthe Terminus (a popular 19th century French absinthe). These fountains are extremely rare and difficult to find intact with its original glass bowl.

The rooster is best known as France's national iconic emblem.

The finial fits most all 4 and 6 spigot fountains sold within the United States. It will not fit those imported from Europe. The finial replaces the original finial on the lid of your fountain.

  • Measures 2.125" (5.4 cm) tall (not including threads).
  • Measures 1.875" (4.7 cm) wide.
  • Chrome plated cast iron.
  • Imported.