Small Antique Yvonne Absinthe Glass

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Yvonne glasses were named by the way the bottom of the glass meets the stem causing something that resembles a "Y." They are among the tallest of absinthe glasses usually measuring upwards of 7" (18 cm) or more. Because of their low center of gravity, the glasses are regarded as being very sturdy.

This is a nice glass definitely on the small side of Yvonne glasses. 7.5 ml etched outside dose line.

Interesting glass in very good shape. Very little wear.

  • Circa 1860-1910.
  • Mouth blown glass.
  • Stands 6.375" (18.4 cm) tall.
  • Mouth measures 2.5" (6.4 cm) in diameter.
  • Base measures 2.8" (7.2 cm) in diameter.
  • Imported from France.