Un Premier Antique Carafe

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This glass carafe dates back to the turn of the last century. Premier Fils (Premier and Sons) based in Romans, France was a high-end producer whose absinthe commanded a premium price, and was one of the relatively few absinthe distillers that used an entirely natural herbal coloration process, something they proudly advertised on their label.

The phrase Un Premier was a spin off of "Un Pernod." During the Belle Epoque, Pernod Fils absinthe was so popular that it be came a household name associated with absinthe. Typically when someone ordered an absinthe in a bar or bistro they would simply ask for "un Pernod." Because the last letter of a word in French is rarely pronounced, the names sound exactly the same. This is why there were so many simular Pernod names (i.e., Pernodd, Pernot, Jules Pernod, Edouard Pernod, Legler Pernod, Gempp Pernod, etc.)

Dripping water by a carafe was the most utilized method of adding water to the absinthe. The correct technique is to continuously drip the iced water as slowly as possible until the sugar has completely dissolved and fallen into the glass of absinthe.

Small chip on inside of the neck (see photo). Chip cannot be felt from the outside of glass. Otherwise in very good shape.

  • Stands 8.5" tall.
  • Dates between 1890 - 1915.
  • Manufactured by Mazoyer in Paris, France.
  • "Mazoyer Paris" molded into bottom of carafe (see photo).
  • Mouth blown pressed glass.
  • Imported from France.