Absinthe Drippers 101

Absinthe Drippers 101

Mar 29th 2018

What is an Absinthe Dripper?

An absinthe dripper comes in many different shapes, sizes, uses, and even names! An absinthe dripper can also be referred to as a brouilleur, or a scrambler in French. Whatever you may call it, they serve an essential role in the absinthe experience. An absinthe dripper gives a unique alternative to enjoy absinthe in comparison to the common perforated absinthe spoon. Keep reading below to learn all about absinthe drippers and how they can enhance your absinthe drinking experience!

Types of Maison Absinthe Drippers

Maison Absinthe offers many types of drippers to suit various styles and uses. Each piece is an exact replica of an original late 19th century antique. Here are some of the absinthe drippers we offer:

  1. Balancier (See-Saw) - This single-server dripper is another way of adding sugar and water to a traditional absinthe. It is sometimes also referred to as the “Cusenier” which stands for “Auto Verseur” or “see-saw”, due to its level like motion. We even offer a silver-plated version for an additional cost.
  2. Verse-Eau 4 Leg Brouilleur - Another single server, this absinthe dripper is made of stainless steel and is an exact reproduction of an original 1900 century Verse-Eau. It is used to add water and sugar to an absinthe drink. The legs are able to be bent slightly to accommodate a variety of glass sizes, if done carefully. We also offer this absinthe dripper with 3 legs.
  3. Brouilleur Coupe -The coupe is a stainless steel dripper that is used for preparing a traditional absinthe. It is a single server and comes in various sizes and number of holes. It provides a great way to slowly add water or sugar water to your absinthe. We also offer a silver-plated version, and a version with text around the coupe.
  4. 2-Piece Dose Brouilleur - This absinthe dripper is used to prepare an absinthe in the reverse order that the drink is typically prepared. It is crafted to add absinthe to the water, rather than the other way around. This dripper is an exact reproduction of a pre-ban brouilleur used during the France’s Belle-Epoque.

To learn about different characteristics of each and their uses, visit our Brouilleurs page.

How They Are Used

Absinthe preparation is something that is often misconceptualized or misrepresented through myths and the entertainment industry. We value tradition and the history behind absinthe, and thus provide guidance on preparing traditional absinthes using our accoutrements. The use of each absinthe dripper is dependent on the dripper that you buy. Our Brouilleur product pages offer step by step guidance on how to prepare your absinthe with that specific dripper. Of course, if you ever have questions or are unsure how to use your dripper, you can give us a call! We are dedicated to helping you have the full absinthe experience.

We Love to Help

We understand that absinthe is a new experience for many people and that proper preparation techniques can seem foreign or overwhelming. Don’t fret! We value your experience and want you to contact us if you have any questions about absinthe drippers, the preparation process, and everything in between.