Mephisto Absinthe Classique, 750ML

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Mephisto Absinthe (130 proof / 65% ABV) is distilled in the Viennese Fischer Distillery in Vienna, Austria. The factory first began distilling spirits over 140 years ago, in 1875.  Mephisto is handmade using an original, century old recipe dating back to 1909. Like most pre-ban absinthes, Mephisto is made from a neutral spirit base and features a variety of unique blend of flowers and herbs, most notably, grand wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), green anise and sweet fennel. It obtains its green color the traditional way, by soaking a variety of herbs (including petit wormwood) in the distillate, which releases chlorophyll from the petit wormood, coloring the absinthe.

"I’ve always held a special place in my heart for Montmartre.  It’s quirky and unique, and definitely makes you think about what makes an absinthe a real absinthe.  Pouring into the glass, it takes on an interesting tinge of green that has bluish hues.  The room filling aroma is more of a holiday spice rack than anise.  Sage, cinnamon, and mulled fruits are all present.  It’s strange, but at the same time, not offputting.  It gets you curious.  It louches quite quickly as well, ending with an inviting opalescence.  The flavor is strong and herbaceous with a bitter kick supported by cinnamon smoothed out a bit by the anise.  The rear palate picks up some astringency from the choice of coloring herbs.  I don’t normally use sugar, but this one would be well served with it if you want to tone down the herbs on the back end.  It’s definitely an eccentric oddity in the absinthe world, but one that brings me back to the 1990s, before many of the more delicate brands were introduced."

          - Reviewed by Brian RobinsonClick here to see Brian's bio.