Vilya Spirits Absinthe Supérieure, Blanche, 750ML

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Vilya Spirits Absinthe Supérieure, Blanche (116 proof / 58% ABV) is produced by Vilya Spirits Distillery in Kalispell, Montana. The distillery provides small-batch artisanal liquors using ingredients grown wild and crafted from the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Montana, the Cascade Mountains in Oregon, and the fertile river valleys of the Pacific Northwest. The alpine herbs are grown and harvested to capture the traditional essence of a century ago.

The husband and wife distiller team (and owners of the distillery), Joe and Jules Legate, produce their small batch runs using a grape base neutral spirit in a handcrafted copper alembic stills from Portugal. The distillery truly is a family affair with both of the Legate's children working together with their parents to produce this traditional French inspired recipe. Team Legate uses only the finest botanicals available, such as Artemisia absenthium, Artemisia pontica, Artemisia genepi, Angelica archangelica, and Tanacetum balsamita, among others.



"This brand has gone through several changes over the years, moving from Montana to Oregon, changing its name from Ridge to Vilya, and recently moving back to Montana again.  Yet through all of this change, this brand had managed to maintain its character and high standards of production.  Minty wormwood, grapefruit, and anise on the nose, this absinthe produces a wonderful pearlescent louche when watered.  Wormwood presents itself immediately on the front palate and continues all the way down with its minty astringency; the anise adding a nice foil to help maintain balance.  Finish is light and pleasing.  A ‘feminine’ absinthe that is light and extremely refreshing."

       - Reviewed by Brian Robinson. Click here to see Brian's bio.